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    Puri Botanical - Mega Kebon Jeruk Block I 10 No. 60-61

    Jl. Joglo Raya, Jakarta Barat 11640 - Indonesia

    Tel.  :+62 21 58900427/28

    Fax. :+62 21 58900430

    BBM : 239FEDC9

    WhatsApp: +6282112118855

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  • Fresh Honey Natural




    Our company was established in 1998 founded by Mr. Henry Tedjasaputra.
    PT. Aksara Kencana Putra, mainly as a distributor company for high quality dried herbal products (such as mushrooms, dried fruits, varieties of beans, nuts, dried vegetable, roots) and Natural Fresh Honey.
    Under Herbal brand, for dried herbs products and Honey brand
    for honey products.

    As our main goal is to provide a high quality standard of products to our customer, we took time surveying their needs and standard requirements on various types of herbal products available in the market.

    At the beginning, PT. Aksara Kencana Putra opened 2 Chinese Herbal outlets in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    For over 10 years, we sourced producers who are professional in their products and through extensive labolatory test and clinical analysis, the products were analyzed, to ensure their high quality standard and pureness.

    We also provide services through our back kitchen, we develop recipes for food with excellent taste using our products.
    As we believe high quality food is achieved when high quality standard of materials are used.
    In the companys kitchen we try to create new recipes and share the recipes with our customer.

    In 2012, together with more than 50 well trained staffs, we are running 35 outlets, also serving restaurants and caterings across big cities. A 10 new outlets will be opened soon.

    Quality products in bulk, directly from producer, so the customer can select our "Fresh Products", normally we supply products within 5-7 days.

    We believe, high quality food come from simple high quality materials.
    With high quality product we inspire people to create a delicious and healthy food.
    Simply, natural food can be made everyday.
    Finally, good quality food keeps the body balance and create healthy living.



    Our vision is to contribute everyday to the creation of valuable healthy living.



    Our mission is to be a leading natural and healthy food product resources.
    By presenting unique and friendly concept, we inspire customer to create healthy food in simple way.
    We are committed to be a trusted company for exceptional professional to serve and offer healthy and beauty living solution.
    A nature way to healthy life.