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  • Honey Color and Flavor


    Honey Color and Flavor

    Honey is normally bought and sold in one of two ways: by variety or by color. The color and flavor of many honeys are linked; that is, the darker the honey, the more apt it is to taste stronger and more robust. The lighter colored honeys are usually more delicate and sweeter in flavor.  Sometimes people shop for a honey varietal simply because they like the flavor or it reminds them of the kind of honey they had when growing up or they like to impress their friends with a unique treasure!  Overall, these customers like the delicious flavors of honey; the color is irrelevant to them.

    However industrial users, such as bakers, food processors, and beverage makers, will often buy honey by color.  Industrial users are typically driven by ingredient cost. While they want pure honey in the formulas, of course, they want the honey as an ingredient more for labeling purposes than for variety.  Honey is hygroscopic and attracts moisture to the bread or dessert - a very valuable trait in baking.  Generally speaking a very light colored honey is much more expensive than a dark honey