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  • Honey in view of Islam

    And your Lord has revealed to bees:  Make the nest-nest in the hills, the trees and the places that in the wake of humans. Then eat from each (kind of)  fruits and mileage road  of your Lord which has been easy (for you). From the bee's abdomen out drinks (honey) which is an assortment of colors and it included a drug that cures for humans. Verily, in that case it really there is a sign (greatness of God) for human thought.


    (QS. An-Nahl:68-69),


    High Reducing Sugar According to SNI and International Codex Standard


    Fresh Honey Natural products contain reducing sugar (sugar reducing agent) produced only by bees of good quality.


    Reducing sugar levels high  > 65% as an indicator of authenticity of honey without any flavor/mix. While sugar is sucrose that is low  < 10%.