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    Puri Botanical - Mega Kebon Jeruk Block I 10 No. 60 - 61
    Jl. Joglo Raya, Jakarta Barat 11640 - Indonesia
    Tel. +62 21 58900427
            58900428 /5321890
    Fax. +62 21 58900430 / 5331890
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  • Honey Products


    Honey Products

    Honey products do not meet the compositional criteria for pure honey, but are products consisting in whole or in part of honey.

    • Dried Honey - Dried honey is honey that has been dehydrated over very high heat, then mixed with starches or sugars to keep it free-flowing. It is not true honey.


    • Flavored/Fruited Honey - Flavored or Fruited honey is honey that has either fruit, coloring or flavoring added. Though the fruits or flavoring may be quite delicious it is not pure.


    • Infused Honey - Infused honey is honey that has had flavors of herbs, spices, peels, etc. added to it by steeping.