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    Puri Botanical - Mega Kebon Jeruk Block I 10 No. 60-61

    Jl. Joglo Raya, Jakarta Barat 11640 - Indonesia

    Tel.  :+62 21 58900427/28

    Fax. :+62 21 58900430

    BBM : 239FEDC9

    WhatsApp: +6282112118855

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  • Articles

    • Gou Qi Zi (Wolfberry)

      As a food, wolfberries are dried traditionally cooked before consumed. Dried wolfberries often added to the porridge of rice and almond jelly , and used in Chinese tonic soups, in combination with chicken or pork, vegetables, and herbs such as wil


    • Wu Duo (Kacang Hitam)

      Benefits of black soybean for kidney and spleen, nourish yin, can improve blood circulation, has some diuretic (increasing urine flow) action, the winds drive the pathogens and eliminates toxic substances of any quality. The winds drive the pathogens and eliminates toxic substances of any quality.


    • Honey source Toddler Nutrition

      Your Toddler hard eat? Before suffering from undernourishment, give him honey every day. From proven research, honey can increase appetite, lower morbidity rate of heat and cold, in addition the complete content of their nutritions


    • Secret benefits of honey

      Honey is a food that contains various nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, dextrin, plant pigments and Aromatic components. Even from the results of research nutritionist and food containing carbohydrates, honey the most highly among other livestock products ar


    • Benefits of honey for health

      1. Strengthen the weaker fetus in the uterus (womb). 2. Help keep the stamina and health for pregnant women since it provides nutritional intake for fetal growth high for the content.