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    Puri Botanical - Mega Kebon Jeruk Block I 10 No. 60-61

    Jl. Joglo Raya, Jakarta Barat 11640 - Indonesia

    Tel.  :+62 21 58900427/28

    Fax. :+62 21 58900430

    BBM : 239FEDC9

    WhatsApp: +6282112118855

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  • Articles

    • Honey for diabetics

        Is Honey permitted in a diabetic Diet? Diabetes control Diet on strictly in terms of intake of sugar and mineral compounds. It is therefore not surprising that " do a


    • Honey beauty to women

      oney for beauty. History notes that many women Eve since ancient times as the main capital rely on beauty. So it's not surprising when the women tried in various ways to keep the beauty of their bodies, one of them is by applying honey beauty tips. Among the many natural way since the days it used t


    • Honey in view of Islam

      (QS. An-Nahl:68-69)


    • High Reducing Sugar According to SNI and International Codex Standard

      Reducing Sugar (Gula Pereduksi) produk Fresh Honey Natural lebih tinggi dari standar SNI dan Internasional Codex berdasarkan hasil uji dari BALAI BESAR INDUSTRI AGRO, indikator keaslian madu tanpa campuran apapun.


    • Low Moisture Content According to SNI and International Codex Standard

      Fresh Honey Natural products through the process since the beginning of production in hygienic until the product is packaged. Since the harvest process, our products are not through the process of cooking, but rather through a process of humidifie