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  • Benefits of honey for health

    Benefits of honey for health

    Honey can be consumed by all ages, ranging from fetal to elderly


    1. Strengthen the weaker fetus in the uterus (womb).

    2.  Help keep the stamina and health  for pregnant women since it provides nutritional intake for  

         fetal growth high for the content.

    3.Help the brain development of babies, because every day the brain continues to develop

    until the age of 5 years. For that he needs a high nutrition.

    4.Treating burns. Honey has anti inflammatory process specification (anti-inflammatory activity ).

    5. Increase the appetite of children (the existence of elements of B vitamins that are complete in honey), and accelerates the growth of physical child grow healthy, vivacious and exuberant and disease resistant (H. M., 2002).

    6. Restore the stamina of fatigue and stress

    7. Best food indispensable for seniors who have already begun to wane digestion organ function, because honey is a source of energy and nutrients can be absorbed directly by the body (Health, 2001).

    8. When used for brushed the teeth can recover and healthy teeth and gums, treat aphthous ulcer and other mouth disorders.

    9. Using a liquid containing 90% of honey (honey mixed in warm water) once every two days the infected in parts in the head, sorted out slowly for 2-3 minutes, honey can kill lice, dandruff, lengthen hair, embellish and softens and heals diseases of the scalp.

    10. being able to lower blood glucose levels diabetics because of the antioxidant element which made assimilation of sugar in the blood more easily so the sugar levels not seen high. Honey is rich in nutrients, vitamin B1, B5 and C where the diabetes patients in dire need of vitamins-vitamin. A small dollop of pure natural honey will add a quick and large deposits of sugar in the blood, so that it will stimulate pancreatic cells to produce insulin. We recommend that diabetics perform blood analysis to determine by measure, which allowed for him under the supervision of a doctor.

    11. Preventing the occurrence of inflammation of the colon (colitis), ulcer and peptic of the stomach. Honey serves both to protect the colon from the wounds inflicted by the usual acetic acid gastric infection treatment and help (ulcer). At levels of 20% honey was able to weaken the pylori bacteria cause of peptic ulcers  on the plate trial.

    12. Very nutritious, softens the natural systems of the body, eliminating the bad taste of the drug, liver cleanse, improve urination, suitable for treating coughing up phlegm

    . Fruits are soaked in honey can last up to six months.



    13. Honey mixed with habbatus sauda already pounded made the dough after mixed hot water then drunk routine days can destroy kidney stones and bladder stones, make way for urine, menstruation and breast milk.


    There is still the view was wrong or mistaken about the quality of honey. Some consider that the honey is good is that raises the eruption when the lid is opened or not from ants. It is precisely these honey has been damaged by the enzyme fermentation and leads to the occurrence of gas and alcohol which is why ants don't want to approach it.


    Best honey is the most clear, not sharp and white and  sweetest. Honey taken from the mountain area and its wild trees have the virtue of being taken from the nest, and it depends on where the bee hunting food.