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  • Scallop



    The benefit of scallop as food ingredient is vitamin B12 (cobalamin) sources, importance nutrition for cardiovascular health. This vitamin is useful on intimate terms with homosistein , chemicals substance

    which can be undermine of blood-vessels walls.


    About 100 g scallop contains 33 percent vitamin B12 of the daily requirements. Consumption of vitamin B12  also to protect the colon from cancer risk cause to prevent cell mutation occur. Beside this scallop is high of fatty acid omega 3, magnesium, and potassium, is good for working cardiovascular systems, so

    It is good for heart maintain.


    To consume seafood, including scallop minimum 1- 3 times per month is able to prevent ischemic

     stroke attack. While if we consume the food contains of fatty acid omega 3, such as scallop, the risk of coronary heart disease will decrease substantially. This the test result for 41.578 men and women the age 40 - 59 years in Japan , on the journal Circulation, January 2006.


    Suggested to consume scallop which be boiled or baked than to be fried to get the best benefit.

    Scallop and other seafood are the main sources of mineral nutrient substance such as iron (Fe), Iodine (I)

    zinc (Zn), selenium (Se), calcium (Ca), Phosphorus (P), potassium (K), flour (F), fatty acid omega 3 and

    others. Seafood mineral is more easily absorbed by body compared with mineral from cereal and nuts.

    Purine content in selfish need to be aware, so people with uric acid or gout are better to avoid or severely limit their consumption, also for those who are allergic (hypersenstivitas) need periodic adjustments so that it can consume them.


    The interesting fact for shellfish is as nutrient substances also as food ingredient that enhances the vitality of a person. The question is it true that shellfish really excite passion sexuality ?    


    Bill Goldberg, M.D. is a psychiatrist and a surgeon  (EU) United State of America nationality working with  Mark Leyner  is a researcher and health studies in their book " Why Do Men Have Nipples" clearly states that the shellfish have a form that can be linked to specific anatomical body, but did not make this food

    Stimulants. A lot of food and substances that can be considered to have the ability to arouse sexual desire (afrodiak). Although no research  that actually prove the truth of some of the theories that have been made for shells. Shellfish contains much vitamins and minerals especially zinc. Zinc controls progesterone levels, which have positive effect on libido.



                                                                    Specy sour shellfish

                                                    Source : tabloid Nakita, December 03, 2009

    Ingredients :



    500 g clean  shellfish meat

    5 pcs red onion

    1 tablespoon olime juice

    2 pcs white onion

    10 leaves basil

    3 pcs red chili

    6 pcs star fruit vegetables, halved

    5 pcs green pepper chili

    3 pcs green chili, oblique slices

    1 vertebra finger turmeric

    1 tablespoon cooking oil, for frying 2 pcs pecans and ½ tablespoon salt.


    How to cook :


    Coated selfish with olime juice. Let stand for 20 minutes

    Fried spices, basil leaves, star fruit vegetable and green chilies until wilted and fragrant.

    Put selfish and stir well

    Cook until the shellfish cooked and the flavors to infuse and lift off

    Serve in hot

    For 4 portion


    Note :

    Nutritional value per portion :

    Energy : 105 kcal, Fat : 0.8 gram, Protein : 17.1 gram, Carbohydrate : 6.1 gram