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  • Wu Duo (Kacang Hitam)

    Kacang Hitam ( Black Soybean) (Wu Duo)


    Benefits of black soybean  for kidney and spleen, nourish yin, can improve blood circulation, has some diuretic (increasing urine flow) action, the winds drive the pathogens and eliminates toxic substances of any quality. The winds drive the pathogens and eliminates toxic substances of any quality.

    With the same actions, also expelled the edema (the accumulation of excess fluid in the serosa or connective tissue serosa cavity in the body) with a tint of yellow skin and beriberi is caused by pathogenic wind postpartum disease, seizures, convulsions,skin and external diseases (such as him, him rooted, evil moisture, treating abdominal or swelling of the distensi limb,

    furunkel, etc.), and to eliminate the toxicity of the drug 



    1.      To blacken the hair

    500 grams of black soybean boiled in vinegar 1 liter to boil, with a slow fire to obtain a concentrated solution. Use 10 ml of shampoo to wash your hair as. In the meantime, take 20 sheets of black soybean cooking every evening with a teaspoon black sesame fried. 


    2. To postpartum ( after childbirth ) pain: the entire body

    250 g  black soybeans  fried to brown and dunked in wine during a full day of millet. Drinking wine 10 ml and sleep with the covers to get a little sweaty.


    3. For back pain, weak knees resulting from lack of fluids and edema of kidney:


    Prepare 500 gr of meat and 50 g black soybeans. Clean and then boil with fire slow until all are cooked. Divide into 12 equal parts and eat 1-2 portions a day. This is great for senile deafness due to kidney deficiency and sterility.